Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Program Offerings Draft

Hi Everyone!

Based on our recent work with all of you great WISE schools, we are embarking upon a redesign of our web site which better articulates simple ways in which WISE can work with schools to enrich and extend their STEM programs.

So here's a first draft of how we're thinking about a better productization and packaging of the services and support we offer. Please send us your feedback and suggestions via the comments submission form below! You're the ones who can tell us how we've most helped you and what you most need in the future.



WISE Services:

  1. WISE Design and Innovation Lab planning & equipment for state-of-the-art after-school programs.
  2. Innovative STEM curricular and special event materials inspired by decades of transformative science and engineering education experience at Cornell, MIT, Caltech, and NASA.
  3. Support for participation in external STEM programs like FIRST, Intel-Siemens, and Science Olympiad.
  4. Teacher training workshops and mentorship in the very latest project-based curricula and pedagogy which specifically fosters creativity, innovation, and design-thinking.
  5. Special STEM weekend and after-school events planning, organization and management.
  6. Fund raising and development support to finance all of these new STEM extensions both from within your school community , and from outside agency grants including the NSF, and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.
  7. Speaking engagements and special hands-on events for adults to raise awareness, support, and funds from school parents, boards and communities.
Did I miss anything?

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