Friday, May 9, 2008

Making Chickensaurus Skeletons from Wired

Here's a great activity for budding paleontologists from the Wired Wiki. Have your students reconstruct chicken skeletons...or diversify and give them many different animals to puzzle out. On the more creative rather than investigative side, have your adventuresome students combine bones from several species to make fantastic new "scientific mistakes."




Check out the wired article for details, but prep and execution are pretty simple..

  1. Boil whole chicken (easily available in Asian markets)
  2. Soak the de-fleshed chicken in Liquid Draino
  3. Hot-glue the bones together, using 16 gauge wire to string the vertebrae
  4. Refer to chicken anatomy pages via Google search (like this one) for reference.
  5. Get creative with other animal skeletons and composites